Services To Management:

Invention-stage Support: business plan consultation, writing and
editing; brand development, market research and targeting;
budgeting and feasibility planning; strategic introductions, referrals
and networking.

Incorporation-stage Support: pre-incorporation planning with
principals, incorporators, advisors, and financial backers;
incorporation (in any state) with compliant and company-specific
articles of incorporation and bylaws; first organizational meetings
including elections of officers and directors, presentation and
explanation of articles of incorporation and bylaws, presentation of
key motions (banking, CPA and attorney designation, fiscal year,
etc.); preparation of minutes, stock ledgers, resolutions, waivers, and
other corporate records and documents as required.

Funding Support: development, writing, and editing of corporate
"information" documents for use by security counsel, design and
development of financial presentations; investor communications
and reporting.

Executive Support: organization and administration of annual
meetings and special meetings of directors and shareholders;
organization and facilitation of strategic plans and administration of
the strategic planning process; training in duties and leadership for
corporate officers and directors; corporate governance and corporate
compliance planning; preparation for due diligence audits.

Operational Support: 1) special opportunity management – rapid
expansion planning and administration, partnering arrangements,
project financing presentations, fast-track reporting, quality and
compliance monitoring systems, new market introductions; and 2)
crisis management – asset preservation, investor and creditor
negotiation, restructuring and consolidation leading to sale.

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