Human Resource Management Services

Traditionally, human resource management activities have relied on the
individual judgement of supervisors and non-strategic administrative
practices.  Increasingly, companies relying on these traditional
practices suffer costly consequences – including fines and litigated
settlements.  Expanded legal interpretations and aggressive
enforcement of employee rights and protections now demand pro-
active human resource systems producing documented regulatory
compliance and consistently applied workplace policies and
procedures.  Companies not positioning themselves to understand and
benefit from the employee responsibilities associated with employee
rights and protections operate at a clear disadvantage.

Johnsen Corporate Services (JCS) encourages the development and
implementation of pro-active human resource systems to create this
balance.  JCS recognizes three key benefits to a compliant, yet pro-
active HR design: 1) decrease in the frequency of and vulnerability to
litigation and punitive fees; 2) reduction of administrative burden; (3) the
creation of a organizational culture designed for achievement.  JCS
works with its clients to ensure the human resource system includes:
An employee handbook to clearly communicate the company’s
policies on confidentiality and protection of intellectual property,
equal opportunity employment, sexual and other harassment,
disability accommodation, and other important company policies.  
Proper procedures regarding hiring, disciplinary action, and
termination to ensure fair and consistent treatment of all
Compliance with federal record retention requirements of company
personnel files, including all documents related to employment
(evaluations, compensation histories, disciplinary actions, training,
To support efficient human resources management, JCS will also:
Conduct HR audits to ensure that policies and procedures comply
with employment law changes and to detect and improve risky
employment practices.
Regularly analyze recruiting and hiring methods to secure the best
qualified applicants and to eliminate adverse impact on protected
Schedule audits of compensation policies and practices to ensure
compliance with federal and state wage and hour laws and refine
the company’s competitive hiring and retention abilities.
Maintain open lines of communication to promptly inform
employees of changes in corporate strategy, policies, or
organizational structure and to reinforce corporate values and
integrate best practices.
Implement both anonymous and public opportunities for
constructive criticism and bottom-up planning input.
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