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Education Consulting

Public education in the United States faces great challenges which
will be met, in part, through innovative charter schools.  Johnsen
Corporate Services (JCS) is customizing its human resource (HR)
management services to meet the specific needs and achieve the
specific goals of charter schools.  JCS now offers the following
administrative and HR management services to its clients.

Charter Stage Support:  JCS assists clients in the development of
charter schools.  Support includes, but is not limited to:  
Incorporation and Recruitment and Training of Charter School

Preparation, Drafting, and Submission of Charter Applications.

Grant Writing.

Administrative and Instructional Needs of Charter Schools
Ongoing Human Resource Support:
Prompt telephone access to JCS for school administrators
seeking assistance and advice on relevant Human Resources

Employment Law Consultation – legal advisory services provided
by employment law attorney at a discounted JCS rate.
For more information regarding JCS education consulting
services, please call us or email us at