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About Our Business

Corporate History

Johnsen Corporate Services, Inc. (JCS) was founded in January
1996 in Palm Desert, California.  Its founder, Gracen Johnsen,
recognized an under-serviced gap that existed between most
companies’ needs and the services offered by professional legal
and accounting consulting firms.  Ms. Johnsen, having served as a
member of an executive management team of a California public
corporation, was encouraged by the advice of her corporate
securities attorney and SEC auditing firm.  Ms. Johnsen
established JCS with the insight that many corporate and
employment compliance issues facing companies could be
resolved without incurring the expense evidenced by high hourly
rates of such professional legal and accounting consulting firms.

The founding vision of JCS was to provide corporate and Human
Resource management compliance consulting to small- and
medium-size organizations.  It quickly became evident that in order
to provide these services effectively, JCS needed to develop close
relationships with its clients to truly understand their compliance
needs and shortcomings.  As these close relationships developed,
JCS recognized that its clients faced other challenges that it could
help resolve.  As a result, the company has evolved to offer a larger
range of traditional business management consulting services, in
addition to the original organizational issues still core to the JCS
suite of services.  

In the autumn of 1996, JCS became a New Mexico corporation after
Ms. Johnsen relocated the company to Albuquerque.  The company
has expanded into Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, employed several
diversely qualified employees, and a cadre of associate senior
consultants.  It enjoys a client base in California, Colorado, New
Mexico, and Oklahoma.

JCS Consulting Team

Through its staff and network of associate consultants, JCS brings
to its partnering relationships a consulting team with a rich mixture
of professional credentials and years of management experience.  
These talented business professionals can be configured into
teams bringing specific skill sets and experience levels to each
client’s unique set of circumstances.  The JCS consulting team
credentials include formal degrees such as JD, CPA and MBA,
professional human resource management certifications, and
years of experience gained from serving in executive management
and board positions.

Consulting Team Bios