Expert Consulting in an Ever-Changing World

Johnsen Corporate Services, Inc. serves businesses at every
stage of development.  JCS’ clients include companies in the
earliest stages of start-up and companies undertaking
restructuring after as many as 50 years in business.  

Among the services provided by JCS are:
Services to Management
JCS Works with you to develop your business to its full

Johnsen Corporate Services believes it can most effectively
influence the success and productivity of its clients by
establishing collaborative relationships with its clients.  This
hands-on approach has proven rewarding for both JCS and its
client companies.  
A small firm with a big vision.

We use our talents to address your situation specifically, bringing
your understanding of your business' capabilities, needs, and
potential to new heights.  With your newfound insight, our hope
will be to drive the profitability of and satisfaction from running
your business as far as it can possibly go.
Human Resources Management Services
Educational Consulting